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Bonki wanted to close her eyes tight. Tighter than she ever had. But the resounding snap of branches and echo of dragging limbs forced her eyes upwards at the enormous shapes hovering above. The little blue man named Muffin, and Raga the lion with the broken mane, said she wasn't supposed to be there. But she didn't even know where "there" was. She had only wanted to take a nap in her grandmother's favorite chair. How did she end up in this strange forest?

Follow Bonki on her quest through the EverWoods, from the Wokazis lair to the Strattadunders recruiting, looking for the real reason to why she happened to wake up there. With Raga and Muffin as guides, winding through the towering spruces, she'll find love, fear, sorrow, friendship, and hopefully - a way home.

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