our history

There were once two sisters who through stories built their own fairytale world that provided security and opened doors to inner worlds. Out of the imagination Bonki was born, the brave girl who does not always feel so brave. Together with friends they venture into the EverWoods. Today, the story has been passed on to a new generation and developed into creative communication tools for the whole family!

With the dream of helping young and old to understand themselves and each other better, we have developed products that promote creativity, ways of expressing oneself and compassion. Through adventures inside and out, we hope to create meaningful conversations, sstronger relationships, and an increased understanding of one another.

We know that everyday life has its challenges and that everyone struggles in their own way. Our purpose is therefore to make everyday life a little more fun and our relationships a little more frictionless by having you step into the world of Raga & Muffin. Here we explore, feel, play and learn together with our children.

Who are we?

A group of committed parents who searched with lights and lanterns for meaningful and engaging pursuits that calm the bad conscience and lure them away from the screens. When we finally gave up, the idea was born to take the stories that were in the family and create a whole new vääääärld (you hear Alladin now, right?). Together, we have combined our wise brains and skills from working life to develop sustainable products that make a difference for both big and small.

The story of Bonki's adventures in the Forest of Eternity

Raga & Muffin was born from the story of Bonki's adventure in the Eternal Forest, which is available today as an audiobook / podcast. Below is a small sample, but you can listen to the whole story for free here!

One day something inexplicable happens and Bonki wakes up alone on a barren path in a quiet forest.

The Eternal Forest is a different forest. Sometimes beautiful and safe with lava rivers dancing in the treetops and warming rays of the sun show the way on the small paths that swirl over the trees' thick roots. Sometimes, however, it is roaring dark, a place where the inhabitants live in fear of the S funnel wonders , the great giant-like creatures that hover in the sky above the inhabitants of the forest and who can take one away at any time.

On a path in the silent enigmatic Forest of Eternity, B onki meets the two figures R aga and M uffin . A very happy little lion with a broken man and a strange little blue man. Together, they are drawn into a series of exciting adventures to save what should never have been destroyed from the beginning.