About us

Have you ever felt different? Like there is a given place for everyone but for you? That’s ok. At Raga & Muffin we love being different. We know most people feel different, wrong and out of place throughout or at some point in their life. Here at Raga & Muffin we often wonder whether our team might be a group of aliens and someone forgot to tell us. How cool wouldn’t that be?

We were told a ragamuffin was something bad, that it only had negative connotations. We were told that it is what some moms called the kids they didn’t want their children to play with, the “unkept ones.” 

“You can’t call your company Raga & Muffin! My mum would say, don’t bring that ragamuffin round to our house.” - Male, 50, United Kingdom

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect description of who we are and who we want to welcome into our EverWoods. Here at Raga & Muffin we say no to such stereotyping and we choose to invite you all in to sit at our table. We love all of those little ragamuffins that might not be what some boring grownup wants them to be. A ragamuffin to us is beautiful and unique. 

Our promise to all ragamuffins: To create a world where differences aren’t proof of anything but a free mind!