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Frequently asked questions from our customers

Below we have tried to answer a collected set of questions and concerns made by customers, in regards to our cards.

How do I use the cards with my child?

Everyone uses them differently, which is part of the idea. There are no right or wrong ways to use them. But here are two recommendations:

1. Use them to understand what your child is experiencing. Lay the cards on the table and have your child pick the card that most align with their emotions or experiences that day. Help by reading the titles out loud if your child cannot read yet. Use the questions on the back of the cards to initiate a conversation.

2. Use the cards as a method to learn and build awareness. Have your child pick a card at random or the one they are most curious about and use the cards on the back of the cards.

Aren’t these emotions too complex for a young child?

We have conciously included a combination of emotions, both known and mostly unknown to younger children. The reasoning is to give the child an opportunity to become aware of more unknown emotions, in order to be able to identify them once they occur. Unknown emotions are felt, even in our youngest. Learning to identify them is exactly why we believe there is great value in including them,

That being said, it is for each grown-up to decide how to make best use of our cards, what to include or not, to suit the needs of their child. All children are different, and the use of the cards need to be adjusted accordingly.

The illustrations are hard to understand

The illustrations are drawn in a manner of sparking imagination and curiosity. They are meant to be questioned and looked over several times. Children tend to see what is not always clear to us grown-ups, and we hope to stimulate a childs creativity through our illustrations.

We began as a childrens book, with unique creatures living in an enchanted forest called the Eternal woods. This story was written by a child, as means to explain emotions. Therefore, Everything we do has its origin in this story. All our products are designed to portrait our saga, in one way or another. We let our unique looking characters lead the way.

Does my child need to be within age limits?

No, absolutely not. We place an indication of an appropriate starting age strictly as a guidance and not a rule. No child is alike, and all children have differnt needs and understandings. It is for each grown-up to decide whether or not their child is of right age.

We have teenagers using the emotions cards, and 4 year olds using our relations cards. But more importantly we have grown-ups telling us all cards were equally beneficial for them. Have you ever verbalized how it feels within to be sad? Not many of us have. This is why there is no age limit to building our emotional awareness, starting at stage one or three.

The questions are too difficult for my child

All of our questions found on the back of our cards are meant as a guiding tool only, and should be customized to your childs understanding and needs. Or left out entirely if too difficult.

The cards are supposed to be used repeatedly and follow your children as they grow and encounter new stages in life. Therefore, they are designed so to stay valuable as your children grow older and more experienced.

The idea is not for all questions to be relevant and answered at once, but to be added over time when relevant.

Do I need to start with stage 1?

No, you should start at whatever stage your child would benefit most from. Our products are placed into three categories of emotional development but they are not created in such way that one has to be completed in order to proceed with the next.