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How we came to be

Our story

Did you know that we started out with a book? Over 30 years ago the story of Bonki's adventure had its beginning. Written to one sister by another, to help explain the layers of emotions. Told and reshaped over decades it was released as podcast in 2020.

Due to the podcasts success we decided to go back to the origins of the story, the reason for its existence, understanding emotions. With that in mind we began creating everyday tools to help kids build emotional intelligence.

who are we

Get to know the team

We are a group of mothers who

Filippa Cekander

Start here. Introduce your vision, or explain why what you do or sell is superior to your competitors.

Emma Bernhardsson

Get into your process a bit. The quality of handiwork, proprietary knowledge, or materials that you use that make your products better.

Malin S. Hamilton

End it with an action item that the user can take advantage of. Link to a more in-depth page, or go straight to a collection. Your call.

Through adventures inside and out, we hope to create meaningful conversations, sstronger relationships, and an increased understanding of one another.

Filippa Cekander